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Along with the podcast on information diet I want to give you a quick overview over some of the podcasts that I listen to, in order to enable you to pick the one that best suits you. As always, these are my choices and might not reflect your interests. There are tons of podcasts out there so go out and explore for yourself.

If you’re looking, however, for a quick start into the world of famous podcasts, here’s the list of the ones that I enjoy listening to most. The order is random, and ought not imply any preference, especially since the different podcasts cover very wide-ranging topics and styles.

Also, don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer mass of episodes. I’ll never hear all of them, but every single one has a little gem in it. Starting is enough, the way is the goal 🙂

Joe Rogan Experience

Being one of the most popular podcasts around, the Joe Rogan Experience by, who guessed it, Joe Rogan, is a staple in any podcast-heavy diet. While the daily podcasts (now already ranging in the 1000s) are way to much to listen to, there are some gems among them. Rogan manages to get the most important people of our time at the table and speaks with them for 2 or 3 hours at least. During these conversations, Rogan manages to go deep into the topics that matter most to his guests, if the topic permits. Sometimes, however, the episode are fairly lingering, because nothing is talked about. To no surprise, if you’re considering that this dude is recording a 3 hour podcast EVERY DAY. This make this podcast mostly more of an entertainment side-thing rather than a dense collection of information.

By the way, on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Elon Musk was recorded smoking a joint, live on air, which caused the Tesla stock to plummet.

Rogan himself is entertaining to listen to and a great listener to allow his guests to unfold. Definitely worth the time 🙂


The Tim Ferris Show

Also one of the most listened podcasts around. Tim Ferris is on his mission to ‚deconstruct world-class performers from eclectic fields to extract the tactics, tools and routines you can use‘, which pretty much nails the podcast. The Show covers many different areas of interest from finance, to health, sports and technology. Tim Ferris likes to call himself a human-guinea pig, as a metaphor to the way he approaches new stuff: He always experiments with crazy ideas to extract the most useful of tips. From his over 300 episode on the show he also wrote the book Tools of Titans, which covers the 100 most prominent and successful people in brief overviews.

A great part of the show are the rapid-fire questions, which each guest is asked and which really sometimes get to the core of their message. Despite these, Ferris often takes his time to empathetically feel into the depth of his guests.

Great episode to start are with Peter Attia, Wim Hof or BJ Miller.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

That Oprah is the ultimate interviewer isn’t news, really. Her skill to make people comfortable is unique and brought stars like Michael Jackson to tears on her live show. Her empathy and connection is a rare gift, which I stumbled across again in this podcast.

I especially enjoyed the ‚New Earth‘ Series which she is doing together with Eckart Tolle about his book of the same name. It’s a great way to get into spirituality, because it connects the contents of the book with questions of listeners and thus uncovers more of the hidden truth than the book by itself.

Cal Fußmann – Big Questions

A master of the story and a magician of questions, Cal Fussman runs one of my favourite, most humble, honest and deep podcasts around. His craft is the questions and his way of weaving stories into meaningful conversations is unique. How he unlocked the power of questions is a story in and for itself, which you can hear on Tim Ferris‘ podcast with Cal Fussman. By the way, Tim Ferris was the one who convinced Fussman to start his own podcast.

Beside his miraculous gift in asking questions, Fussman is such a empathetic, joyful and honest person that one has a hard time not falling in love with his childish explorative take on life.


Tom Bilyeu – Impact Theory

As the title suggests, Bilyeu aims to uncover the people and stories that help you to change your life, because that is the biggest impact. While actually recorded as a show for YouTube, Impact Theory is also available as podcast. My favourite episode is with Rodney Mullen, which goes so deep into the purpose of being a human that I listen to it over and over again, almost regularly. The shows often go so deep into the heart and soul of his guests that Tom himself is moved almost to tears at the end by the deep truth his guests uncovered through their experience, their struggle and their lives.

His episode with Wim Hof goes deep into the science behind the method of the ‚Iceman‘ and is a real delight to watch.


Sam Harris – Making Sense / Waking Up

Harris published much fewer podcasts than, say, Joe Rogan, but his guests are very interesting and his discussions are well researched. He goes into depth on topics ranging from philosophy (stoics, etc.), neuroscience and politics. Sams own background is wildly intersting and he often comes back to a topic that he made his life’s purpose: spirituality without religion.

Harris‘ philosophical stance is controversial sometimes, so take his assessments with a grain of salt, but the way he goes into the depth of theory and practice with his conversations is unique and revealing.

I liked a lot the podcasts with Geoffrey West, Peter Attia and Richard Goleman / David Richardson.


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